D-Grade®. Pure nature.

D-Grade® offers a wide range of 100% biodegradable pots. A 100% plant-based product, which is highly suitable for growing (organic) herbs and vegetables, but also for house plants. Do you grow lettuce crops via hydroponics? In that case, the D-Grade® perforated aeration pot is an especially sustainable solution. Enquire about the possibilities!
D-Grade®. Nature contained by nature. 100% biodegradable, 100% industrially compostable
D-Grade® is 100% biodegradable and 100% industrially compostable, in accordance with EN 13432. D-Grade® is AIB Vinçotte OK Compost certified under number O 09-376-D and AIB Vinçotte OK Biobased****certified under number B 10-054-A. The technical and economical usability are fully guaranteed.

D-Grade®: exceptionally small carbon footprint
The D-Grade® products, manufactured from plants, are 100% industrially compostable and have an exceptionally small carbon footprint.
Official LCA calculations from Benefits of Nature of which Desch Plantpak is a proud member – show that D-Grade emits 30% lets CO2 during the manufacturing process, compared to a similar product made of recycled polypropylene. D-Grade® thus contributes to a healthy living environment.

D-Grade® product line
All D-Grade® products supplied by Desch Plantpak are listed here: link to D-Grade® products elsewhere on the website