Baas Nursery’s hanging pots and growing pots have always been made from recycled plastic, at the explicit request of the company. Now Baas has raised the bar; from now on, the company only wants to use recyclable pots made from household waste.

The recyclable pots used by Baas Nursery up to now have been detectable when waste is sorted. In the pursuit of sustainability, the Baas brothers wanted to go a step further, so they let representative Harry Nieuwenhuijsen from manufacturer Desch Plantpak know what they were looking for.
The result is that all hanging pots and growing pots are now made from post-consumer plastic; the raw material for these pots consists entirely of household plastic waste. As a result, 15 tonnes (!!!) of household plastic waste has been used to manufacture Baas' first order in 2020.
The nursery doesn’t have to make any concessions in terms of quality or colours. After extensive testing, Baas selected a series of soft trend colours that perfectly reflect the preferences of the nursery's customers.
Baas describes their plants as 'flowering joy creators’; perhaps that can now be changed to ' happier flowering joy creators’.