Desch Plantpak has reached an agreement with Danish SKY-LIGHT to acquire their assets that were used for the production of horticultural trays.

Desch Plantpak has 3 factories in The Netherlands and one in the UK and is a large producer of pots and trays for the professional horticulture. Jan Willem Wieringa, CEO of Desch Plantpak, commented; “We are happy that we can supply an even wider range of products in the future to even more customers”. Under the motto ‘We care about your plants & our planet’, Desch Plantpak is continually extending its range of products for professional horticulture. “We have been using recycled plastics already for 40 years, and our products can be recycled easily. Unfortunately today the public debate is all about littering, and sometimes people forget about the enormous added value of plastic. The Dutch Federation of the Plastics Industry NRK launched a RETHINK campaign and promotes REcycle, REdesign, REduce, REnew, and REuse, which is essential for a circular future”.

SKY-LIGHT is located in West Denmark, and is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly plastic packaging and sheet for thermoforming. SKY-LIGHT develop and optimize plastic packaging solutions and sheet for thermoforming, which is suitable and compliant for food contact, to contain the highest proportion of recycled material in the industry. SKY-LIGHT’s food approved plastic packaging contains up to 100% recycled material. Søren Kjær Larsen, CEO at SKY-LIGHT, comments: “Through the divestment of our horticultural business area, we wish to further strengthen our focus on providing the most environmentally friendly packaging to the food and produce industry. We are pleased to have come to an agreement with Desch Plantpak, who we are confident will be a very capable supplier to our horticulture customers.

Jan Willem Wieringa holding D-Grade®Fibre and recycled plastic trays.