Rethink was launched last year as a joint initiative of the plastic manufacturing and plastics processing industry in the Netherlands via the NRK (Nederlandse Kunststof- en Rubberindustrie Federatie - The Dutch Plastics and Rubber Industry Federation). Desch director Jan Willem Wieringa is a member of the board of NRK PVT.
Through Rethink, the NRK is advocating the continued but responsible use of plastic as a material for the future: with a sharp focus on usefulness, safety, sustainability, use, reuse, recycling and innovation. In addition, a clear vision of how industry can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and help the circular economy.
Desch Plantpak uses recycled plastic almost exclusively to produce plastic pots and trays. Residual materials created during production are reintroduced into the production process as raw materials.
When consumers dispose of pots and trays in plastic-waste containers after use, they are recycled into raw materials, from which Desch makes new pots and trays. A fine example of a circular process.
If you’d like to know more about Rethink,
visit rethinkplastics.nl.