The plastic soup in the oceans. Harmful to the environment, humans and animals. Plastic causes a great many problems, with the consequence being mistrust of plastics producers. Desch Plantpak, with 3 production locations in The Netherlands and 1 in Mundon, Essex, leading producer of plastic pots, containers and trays for professional growers, shows that it really can be done differently.

“Plastic plays an essential role in our society”, says Jan Willem Wieringa, director of Desch Plantpak. “Consider the packaging that protects the hygiene of our food products or the plastic used for prosthetics. What would we do without plastic? There is another side to the coin though. If society doesn’t handle plastic properly, this causes harm to the environment; we’ve all heard about the ‘plastic soup’ in the ocean. This is why I campaign for proper recycling”.

100% recycled plastic
Desch Plantpak makes exclusive use of recycled plastic in the production of plastic pots and trays. “And we re-use the remnants that are created during production as raw material in the production process”, according to Jan Willem Wieringa. “So nothing is lost and no plastic enters the environment.”

D-Grade®: four star bio-based grower products
Desch Plantpak has also developed D-Grade®. D-Grade® products are manufactured from plants: 100% organically degradable and 100% industrially compostable in accordance with EN 13432. D-Grade® is AIB Tüv OK Compost certified under number O 09-376-D and AIB Tüv OK Biobased**** certified under number B 10-054-A. 

“D-Grade® is an outstanding alternative to plastic”, claims Jan Willem Wieringa. “D-Grade® products fulfil all wishes and requirements in terms of use and yield and can then be composted with the vegetable waste. Ideal for plants cultivated in an environmentally aware manner, both outdoors and indoors.”

D-Grade® also has an exceptionally low carbon footprint. Official LCA calculations made by Ecochain show that D-Grade emits 30% less CO2 during production than a comparable made from recycled propylene. This is how D-Grade® contributes to a healthy environment.”