Desch Plantpak is specialised in the production of plastic packaging for the horticulture sector, in accordance with the procedures for thermoforming and injection moulding. We work with four production locations in the Netherlands and in the UK and one partner location in Germany.
In all our businesses we work with full automatic thermoforming machines, fed with PP (polypropylene), PS (polystyrene), PET and biopolymer foil. With a total capacity of roughly 30,000 tonnes of product readily available, Desch Plantpak is one of the leading thermoforming companies in the horticulture industry.

Advanced extrusion technologies
The polypropylene and polystyrene foil is manufactured in-house with the use of advanced extrusion technologies. We are therefore able to process 100% recycled raw materials.
Multi-layer extrusion
We produce in-line and off-line. The majority of the foil involves multi-layer extrusion, like the popular terracotta/black two-colour foil. The current maximum number of layers is 5.
Minimum development time
By combining thermoforming and foil extrusion, we keep the development time for new products to a minimum. Production waste and scraps are processed internally, right away. This affords us the best possible logistical performance with respect to raw materials.
Quality control
Quality control is an important aspect of our production process. Raw materials, semi-manufactured products and end products are inspected rigorously across the board:
  • Manually
    Operators perform checks during the production process. Quality controllers take several samples throughout the day.
  • With testing instruments
    To support the manual quality control process, we use various high-quality physical and mechanical testing instruments.