Bedding plant packs come in many shapes and sizes, and as a producer for wholesale packs and the professional grower other products for professional horticulture, Desch Plantpak offers something for everyone.

Desch Plantpak, manufacturer for wholesale bedding packs

Bedding plant packs are specially designed to grow and sell multiple plants together. For example, a bedding plant pack may consist of 4 or 6 cells, offered as a set. In a bedding pack, the plants are close together, so they can be grown and transported more efficiently than in a transport tray, for example. The packs can be equipped with a handle, called a carry handle slot, so that the set can be carried easily. The trays are then designed with holes, where the handle can be clicked in. It is also possible to print on the handles, for example to promote an offer.

With us you can choose from large bedding packs with one cell and pack with multiple cells. The maximum number of cells per CC layer is 240. In our range you will also find special packs for pots, these are sturdy enough to carry pots.

In addition to common types of packs, our range also includes packs for pots, bedding trays and growing trays. You can also come to us for flower pots, transport trays, and sowing and seedling trays, among other things.


Buy bedding packs

Buy high quality packs? Desch Plantpak is a global player with branches in several countries. The head office is located in Waalwijk. Desch delivers to more than 65 countries worldwide. Desch not only supplies packs or solutions for horticulture, but also designs and produces them. This means we can 100% guarantee high quality and a sustainable character. Exactly what the market demands of us and what we believe is important. We care about your plants & our planet.


Sustainable choice

All our packs are produced in an environmentally friendly way by using thermoforming. This uses almost exclusively recycled plastic. Waste created during the production process is also re-introduced into the process as a raw material. This applies to all versions.