Transport trays

Transport trays are needed to transport flowers, plants and crops. Desch has a wide range of transport trays made from recycled materials. Desch's wide range includes transport trays in many formats, such as Danish, German, Euro format and more. Check out our products.

Desch Plantpak, wholesale producer of transport trays

When transporting plants from A to B, it is essential that they remain upright and receive adequate water during transport. That's exactly what transport trays are for. For this reason, they are widely used by the horticultural industry.


Types of trays

Plant trays come in many shapes and sizes. In addition to transport trays, there are cultivation trays, intended for growing the plant. A cultivation tray can be disconnected after cultivation; the plant then goes on its way in a transport tray. This can also be combined into a cultivation tray and transport tray in one. As a manufacturer for the wholesale trade of cultivation trays and other products for professional horticulture, Desch Plantpak offers something for everyone.

In addition to Normpack trays, our range also consists of all common types in the German and Danish format, as well as a complete range in A-trays and Shuttle trays. You can also come to us for flower pots, packs, and sowing and seedling trays, among other things.


Complete range of Normpack trays

One of the best-known brands are the transport trays from Normpack. The Normpack trays are mainly used for packing plants in order to protect them during transport and to give them sufficient water. Desch Plantpak provides the complete range of Normpack trays, consisting of the Normpack 200, Normpack 300, Normpack 400 and Normpack 400 cactus. With this, we meet all the transport and cultivation needs of professional horticulture, because these versions are suitable for both small and larger pot sizes and have overflow holes in the bottom so that they get enough water during transport.

Normpack trays are available in different sizes and designs. You can also choose burgundy/black or Recover recycle grey. The Normpack tray is available as a cultivation tray with overflow or bottom holes. Which Normpack tray you choose depends in part on the type of plants you are transporting. An important feature is that the cells are interconnected by channels so that when watered, all cells receive water. Which tray you choose depends on: pot size used, sales unit (4, 5, 6 per layer), type of plant (narrow or wide).


Buy transport trays

Buy high quality transport trays? Desch Plantpak is a multi-site organisation with production sites in various countries. Our head office is located in Waalwijk. With sales markets in over 65 countries, Desch Plantpak is a true global player. Desch not only supplies transport trays and other horticultural products, it also designs and produces them. This means we can 100% guarantee high quality and a sustainable character. Exactly what the market demands of us and what we believe is important. We care about your plants & our planet.


Sustainable choice

Whatever version you choose, all transport trays are sustainably produced using the thermoforming process. This means that we choose recycled plastics, because almost exclusively recycled plastic is used in this process. Waste created during the production process is also re-introduced into the process as a raw material.