The horticulture sector benefits especially from a healthy environment. We, therefore, don't merely manufacture our pots, trays and packs responsibly, but also recycle them responsibly. Desch Plantpak considers recycling an important and - especially - a joint responsibility.
Together with our regular clients, we have established an efficient recycling system for PS trays:
• We supply our clients with PS trays.
• Once used, we collect the dirty trays.
• The trays are then cleaned and dried.
• We crush and granulate the tray materials into pellets.
• These pellets are then reprocessed by way of foil extrusion.
• The material is then ready to be turned into new products through vacuum forming.

Requirements for the client
The Desch Plantpak collection- and recycling system only works on condition that our clients cooperate.*
The following collection conditions must be adhered to for this to be the case:
• The PS trays must be beaten out, cleaned and dried, to the greatest extent possible.
• The PS trays must be presented on pallets or bundled and held together by stretch film or tape.
• The stack of trays may not contain any pot remnants or other hard materials.
• The trays must not, to the extent possible, contain any labels (barcodes) and/or plastic name stickers and chemical substances and the like.
• The client must help to load the stack of trays.
• Used PS trays are collected on demand and collection depends on quantities.
* NB Currently only applicable to clients in the Netherlands.