D-TECT®, made of nIR detectable recycled plastic.


D-Tect® products are near-infrared (nIR) detectable so that the pots can be separated well at recycling companies. D-Tect products thus comply with the system of waste separation used in the United Kingdom. Moreover, D-Tect® products are made from up to 100% recycled material. D-Tect® thermoform pots will not contain the colour black, neither for the inside, nor for the outside. Injection moulded D-Tect® products do not come in the colour black as well. The reason behind this is that the colour black (e.g. carbon black pigments) will absorb nIR light and black products will therefore not be recognized at waste separation resulting them to drop into residual waste instead of being separated into purposeful fractions. With D-Tect® products you are always assured of nIR-detectable pots and containers!

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