Pots containers

For years, Desch has been producing its very own flower pots from recycled materials for the professional horticultural sector. We have an extensive range of flower pots with something for all tastes. Take a look at our flower pots.

Desch Plantpak, the no.1 producer for the professional grower

Desch mainly produces for growers of young plants, bedding plants, perennials, green plants, flowering plants, shrubs, conifers and other trees. Flower pots large and small, round and square, for indoor and outdoor use, in low and high versions, coloured or printed; as a wholesaler of flower pots and other products for professional horticulture, Desch offers something for everyone. Our range includes models with a gradient of 5° and 8°. Growers usually choose 5° flower pots because of their stability thanks to their wider bases. 8° flower pots have a narrower base and are therefore more cost-effective as they require less potting soil. In addition to flower pots, you can also come to us for containers, plant dishes, hanging pots, balcony boxes, square pots and round-square pots.

Plastic flower pots with a sustainable touch

For us, sustainability is the natural choice. Today's world – and especially tomorrow's – is demanding new production methods and innovative ways of recycling. Under the motto 'We care about your plants & our planet', Desch Plantpak is continuously expanding its range for professional horticulture with products that help to protect the environment. We process almost exclusively recycled plastic for the production of our plastic flower pots and trays. Thanks to our Recover® and D-Tect®plus brands, Desch is responding extremely well to the need to make the sector more sustainable. Recover® is made from Post-Consumer Recycled plastic (PCR) and D-Tect®Plus is made from Post-Industrial Recycled Plastic (PIR). Both brands are NIR-detectable and are floated on water during the final stage of plastic waste separation, for which they have both received Cyclos-HTP certification. As an alternative to plastic Desch also has the D-Grade®BIO and the D-Grade®FIBRE, which are made from natural raw materials.

Thermoform pots

Thermoform pots are sustainable pots because they use almost exclusively recycled plastic and also use up to 50% less raw material compared to traditional injection-moulded pots. These flower pots are more environmentally friendly and are also easier to print on, while any residues or waste created during production are reintroduced into the production process as raw materials. Green energy is used for the production of D-Grade®BIO, which partly comes from solar panels on the roofs of our site in Waalwijk.

Coloured flower pot

Plastic flower pots are increasingly being used as a marketing tool: yellow pots at Easter, orange to support the Dutch football team at the Euros/World Cup and purple for when Heather Blooming season comes around. A printed or coloured flower pot makes plants (and your brand) stand out more, and research shows that coloured flower pots attract up to four times more attention than black, non-coloured flower pots.

International producer for horticulture

Desch Plantpak is a multi-site organization with 6 production sites in 3 countries with its head office in Waalwijk (The Netherlands). With sales in more than 70 countries, Desch Plantpak is a true global player. Desch not only supplies flower pots and other horticultural products, but also designs and produces them. This means we can guarantee 100% high quality and sustainability, exactly what the market is demanding from us and what we consider important. ‘We care about your plants & our planet’.