Promising acquisition in the horticultural sector
Desch Plantpak acquires IPP factories
On September 9th 2020, Desch Plantpak (Desch) will acquire all IPP’s commercial activities. This acquisition is a significant boost to Desch’s leading position in thermoformed and injection moulded products for the horticultural industry.
IPP operates two factories; IPP Holland BV in the Netherlands, and Interplast Plastic Products Sp.z.o.o. in Poland. Following the acquisition of EPLA BV., this will be the second time Desch has acquired a leading injection moulding manufacturer. It will reinforce Desch’s position as a pioneering manufacturer of thermoform and injection moulded products for professional horticulture, with production facilities in the Netherlands, the UK, and Poland.
The Managing Director of Desch, Jan Willem Wieringa: “We’ve been wanting to expand our injection moulding capacity for quite some time. IPP is a perfect match for us, with complementary products and a strong market position that includes Eastern Europe.”
IPP itself is also delighted about the acquisition. Owner Henk Aufderhaar: “I’ve just turned 71, and I was mainly looking for a solution that would ensure continuity for my staff. I found it in Desch. We’ve also known each other for years, which certainly helped seal the decision.” Interesting detail: Henk Aufderhaar started manufacturing pots in 1979 using machines from the firm that is now EPLA.
Together, Desch and IPP own more than 70 injection moulding machines, spread over production centres in the UK, the Netherlands and Poland. The company has more than 300 employees and a combined turnover of around € 80 million, including thermoforming.
Desch and IPP have everything they need to play a leading role in the current transformation in horticulture; both companies have traditionally been at the forefront of the use of recycled materials and are constantly introducing innovations in the field of recycling. A number of imaginative innovations that optimally meet current market conditions include the D-Grade®Bio (PLA-based) product but also the Recover® and D-Tect®plus brands that are Cyclos HTP certified and guaranteed to be separable in the plastic waste treatment process – and thus fully recyclable.
About Desch
Desch, which has its headquarters in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of pots and containers, shipping and marketing trays, seed and propagation trays, and bedding plant packaging for the professional horticulture sector. Desch Plantpak also produces a range of premium injection moulded decorative pots, hanging pots, bowls and accessories, better known under the brand name EPLA. Desch is a leader in sustainable production, and invests in reducing energy consumption and biobased polymers.