Cut flower buckets

Flower bucket 2 L 41902

Product variations

Code Description Material Available colours Diameter Height Volume Amount per pallet
41902 Flower bucket 2 L PP 17 cm 14,3 cm 2 ltr 4.600
41903 Flower bucket 3 L PP 18,5 cm 17 cm 3 ltr 6.750
41905 Flower bucket 5 L PP 23 cm 20 cm 5 ltr 4.800
41907 Flower bucket 8 L PP 26,5 cm 21 cm 8 ltr 4.140
41908 Flower bucket 8 L MG (with holes in rim) PP 26,5 cm 21 cm 8 ltr 2.880
41909 Flower bucket 10 L PP 26 cm 25 cm 10 ltr 4.140
41910 Flower bucket 10 L wide-901 PP 27,5 cm 25,5 cm 10 ltr 1.875
41911 Flower bucket 13 L MG (with holes in rim) PP 29 cm 35 cm 13 ltr 1.920

Buy flower buckets; now up to 30% weight savings for the 5, 8 and 10 liter buckets.

Desch IPP's flower buckets are a handy item for transporting, storing, and displaying flowers. Desch IPP uses recycled plastic to manufacture the flower buckets, which are lightweight, durable and watertight

The flower buckets are widely used by florists, garden centres and supermarkets to display and sell flowers. Not only are they convenient for transporting flowers, but they also give off a professional and tidy image. Apart from that, flower buckets help keep flowers fresh as they can be filled with water.

In addition to transporting and presenting flowers in shops, flower buckets are also used for decorative purposes. For example, they are filled with flowers and set up at weddings, parties and other events.

It is important to choose the right flower bucket for the flowers you want to transport or present. Choosing the right size will help ensure the flowers are well protected and stay fresh for longer. Some shop interior designers have developed special furniture to accommodate the Desch-IPP flower buckets.

The flower buckets; made of recycled plastic, are easy to clean and disinfect, making them extremely suitable for reuse. Using reusable flower buckets is a good alternative to disposable ones.

The assortment of flower buckets includes eight sizes ranging from 2 to 13 litres. Recently, advanced techniques have made the 5, 8 and 10 litre sizes thinner, reducing weight by up to about 30%. This makes those sizes more economical and, by using less plastic, also more sustainable.

In short, Desch-IPP's flower bucket is a handy and durable item for transporting, storing and presenting flowers.