Growing Tray

Cultivation tray 14,4 x 9,7 x 4,8 cm 36680

Product variations

Code Description
36680 Cultivation tray 14,4 x 9,7 x 4,8 cm PS 9,7 cm 14,4 cm 4,8 cm 1 550 cc 1.512

Growing trays

A growing tray is a low container, without individual cells. This makes the tray suitable for sowing new plants. Therefore, the growing tray is also called seed tray or cutting tray. Once the plants have grown large enough, they can be moved and the growing trays become available again for new plants.

The growing tray is designed and produced in-house. The design takes into account water drainage, multifunctionality for various types of plants, a stackable design and sustainable raw materials made from recycled plastic.

Sustainable growing trays

The growing trays are made of sustainably manufactured plastic. That is, the plastic material is 100% recycled, thanks to the thermoforming process. In thermoforming, all waste created during production is brought back into the production process as raw material. Environmentally friendly, therefore, without making any concessions to quality. The growing trays are strong, stackable and can be used multiple times. So sustainable!

Bedding plant trays

Bedding plant trays are used to grow and sell multiple plants in one tray. The plants are still small in size, so a pot is not yet necessary and you can offer the plants more economically. In addition, a bedding plant tray ensures optimal root growth because the walls are designed so that the roots cannot grow around, but criss-cross the root ball. This makes for stronger plants. Optimal air and water conditions have also been taken into account so that the cuttings mature into strong plants.