Cut flower buckets

Thermoform flower bucket 2,5 liter 1705303

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Product variations

Code Description Number of holes in tray
1705303 Thermoform flower bucket 2,5 liter PP 17 cm 15,5 cm 2,5 ltr 12 48 72 4.510
1905303 Thermoform flower bucket 3,5 liter PP 19 cm 18,5 cm 3,5 ltr 2.880

Flower buckets

As the name suggests, flower buckets are designed for presenting flowers. They are also used in the transportation of flowers. PP Desch flower buckets are mainly used for cut flowers with short stems. For longer products we have a selection of injection moulded flower buckets (with a capacity of up to 13 litres) in our IPP range.

Buy flower buckets

Flower buckets are essential for flower-processing businesses. Looking for a good-quality flower bucket? Then Desch Plantpak is the place for you. Along with selling flower buckets, we are also the number one producer of flowerpots, containers, plant bowls and other products for wholesale and professional horticulture.

Good quality flower buckets

Our round thermoform flower buckets are available with a volume of 2.5 litres or 3.5 litres. Thanks to its sturdy design, this flower bucket provides good support to flowers. This partly because of the wide room and the reinforced grooved base. This is also handy when the buckets are not in use, as they can be easily stacked. Our flower buckets are produced in black.

Sustainable plastic

We make sustainable choices. Our plastic flower buckets are made using durable plastic and is lightweight. Our flower buckets are thermoformed using almost exclusively recycled materials. Plastic waste created during the production process is also re-introduced as a raw material. We are constantly looking for sustainable professional horticulture alternatives that respect the environment. Because ‘We care about your plants & our planet’.