D-Ecotainer Hanging pots

Hanging pot 17 cm 1705353

Product variations

Code Description
1705353 Hanging pot 17 cm PP 17 cm 11,5 cm 1,7 ltr 1 4.100
1905343 Decopot 19 cm PP 19 cm 12,9 cm 2,4 ltr 12 2.700
1905353 Hanging pot 19 cm PP 19 cm 12,9 cm 2,4 ltr 1 2.700
360CON Hanger 36 cm PP   36 cm   460

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are hanging flower pots. Desch presents the Hang-Deco hanging basket. Hanging baskets are also available with water reservoir. Take a look at our hanging baskets for the professional horticultural sector, garden centres and wholesalers.

Desch decorative hanging baskets

With the D-ecotainer hanging basket for plants you can brighten up your garden, balcony, roof or living room, not only thanks to the beautiful hanging plants which will give your surroundings a dash of colour, but also the way the hanging baskets themselves are decorated. These hanging baskets are a feast for the eyes thank to their design, which makes them a very popular choice as a hanging basket for both indoors and outdoors.

Terracotta and white hanging baskets

Our collection offers a terracotta hanging basket and a white hanging basket in a variety of sizes. The smallest hanging basket has a diameter of 17 centimetres and is 11.5 centimetres tall. Our hanging baskets are also available in a slightly larger size, with a diameter of 19 centimetres and measuring 12.9 centimetres in height and both sizes come with a 36 cm plastic hanger.

Sustainable hanging baskets

Making beautiful new things from discarded pieces of plastic. This is the art that we have mastered. All plastic hanging baskets in Desch's collection have been produced sustainably. Our hanging baskets are made by thermoforming using almost exclusively recycled materials. Responsibly using plastic is important to us, because the world of today, and especially that of tomorrow, needs sustainable choices. If you want to buy sustainable hanging baskets that are also wonderful to look at, then the D-ecotainer hanging basket is an ideal choice. Because ‘We care about your plants & our planet’.