Desch flowerpots 8º

9 cm 0908251

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Product variations

Code Description
0908251 9 cm PP 9 cm 6,7 cm 285 cc 12 29.640 2.448
1008251 10 cm PP 10 cm 7,8 cm 400 cc 8 24.130 2.030
1108251 11 cm PP 11 cm 8,8 cm 520 cc 12 18.600 1.440
1208238 12 cm L PP 12 cm 9 cm 620 cc 12 14.620 1.140
1208278 vol 13 PP 12 cm 10 cm 750 cc 12 14.450 1.102
1308238 13 cm L PP 13 cm 9,6 cm 800 cc 12 11.230 832
1408231 14 cm L PP 14 cm 10,6 cm 1.000 cc 16 11.072 812
0808251 8 cm PP 8 cm 6,5 cm 205 cc 8 39.585 3.332

Round flower pots 8 degrees

Round flower pots with a 8 degree angle are an excellent alternative for professional horticulture.


The round flower pot with a 8 degree angle has a narrower base than the 5 degree flowerpot. This is a conscious choice, because it allows you to manage your potting soil more efficiently and this results in a cost saving This is because a round 8 degree flowerpot offers less space than one of 5 degrees. Why buy space you don't need, for example because you use smaller plants? Because there is less volume in the flowerpot, it is lighter in weight.

For the consumer, the 8 degree flowerpot is interesting because the narrower base also makes it easier to fit into an overpot. Conversely it is therefore a little less stable and falls over more easily. In addition to round flower pots, our range also includes square flower pots, both in a 5 degree and 8 degree version.

The round flowerpot 8 degrees in different versions

There are different versions of the round flower pot 8 degrees. We have a wide collection of small and large pots. The diameter varies from 8 to 14 centimetres. And that also applies to the volume, which we offer in flower pots from 205 cc to 1 litre. So there's something for everyone!

depending on the size, the pots have a profiled base with 8 to 16 holes, which ensures optimal air-water management for the plant. The flower pots are produced in different colours depending on the size. For more information, see the table.

Sustainable production process

All flower pots in our range are produced in an environmentally friendly way. We choose up to 100% recycled plastics because we believe that sustainability of our business and our industry is important.

Varied range of flower pots

We have a varied range of flower pots. In addition to 8 degree flower pots, we also offer round flower pots of 5 degrees and square pots.