Plant bowls

23 cm bowl PP 2305255

Product variations

Code Description
2305255 23 cm bowl PP PP 22,5 cm 10 cm 2,7 ltr 16 2.100
1605255 16 cm bowl PS PS 16 cm 6,4 cm 0,85 ltr 5 4.830
2105255 21 cm (vol 23) bowl PP PP 21 cm 10 cm 2,25 ltr 16 2.850

Plant bowls

A low flower pot is also known as a plant dish or plant bowl. Plant bowls are highly suitable for flower bulbs, for example, along with combinations of various plants.

Plant bowls are available in a range of sizes. Small plant bowls are available from a diameter of 16 cm and are around 6.4 cm high, with a capacity of around are 0.85 litres. They feature 5 bottom holes, meaning that excess water can drain away and excessively wet potting soil (or substrate) is prevented. The plant bowls measuring 10 cm high with a diameter of 21 cm and 23 cm, are slightly bigger. Large plant bowls have 16 bottom holes.

Terracotta plant bowls

The terracotta plant bowl is a popular colour from the range. Another interesting version is the white plant bowl. If you are looking for a coloured plant bowl, you should take a look at our EPLA plant bowls. These are part of the deco range - a range worth seeing! Whether you select the Lisa, Vera, Karina or Miranda: the plant bowls are available in a range of sizes, patterns and colours. Always in keeping with the trends of the season.

Printing pots

There is also the option to print pots, this allows you to give plant bowls a special look and/or use them as a marketing and communication tool. You can supply your own design or have a professional design made by the Desch design studio. Printing pots is often carried out with informative texts about the plant variety, bar codes and plant passports with images to express a certain theme. Non-toxic dyes are used here. Stickers can be applied to all plant trays, useful for factors such as bar codes and plant passports.

Plastic plant bowls

The plastic plant bowls are made from recycled plastic. Under the motto ‘We care about your plants & our planet’, Desch Plantpak has continually been extending the range for professional horticulture with products that are environmentally friendly. Alongside hanging baskets, Desch also has a wide range of flower pots, printed pots, seed trays, bedding packs and transport trays. We also use sustainable production methods. Our plastic plant trays are produced by thermoforming with almost entirely recycled materials. We consider it important to use plastic responsibly, because the world of today and especially the world of tomorrow requires responsible choices.

If you want to buy plastic plant bowls that are environmentally friendly and appealing, Desch Plantpak is the right address.