Propagation trays Danish size

Tray Danish size 40 cell (8x5) 30100

Product variations

Code Description
30100 Tray Danish size 40 cell (8x5) PS 30 cm 50,7 cm 6 cm 5.9 diameter_unit_stroke / 4.4 diameter_unit_stroke 40 262 127 cc 40
30110 Tray Danish size 40 cell (8x5) Orchids PS 31,5 cm 51 cm 6,3 cm 5.9 x 5.9 square_unit_stroke / 3.9 diameter_unit_stroke 40 249 150 cc 42
30125 Tray Danish size 45 cell JP (9x5) PS 32 cm 53 cm 5,5 cm 5.4 diameter_unit_stroke / 4.2 diameter_unit_stroke 45 265 95 cc 70
30140 Tray Danish size 51 cell PS 30 cm 50,8 cm 5,5 cm 5.2 diameter_unit_stroke / 3.7 diameter_unit_stroke 51 355 88 cc 160
30190 Tray Danish size 96 cell (12x8) black PS 28,5 cm 50 cm 4 cm 3.4 diameter_unit_stroke / 2.2 diameter_unit_stroke 96 674 25 cc 160
30221 Tray Danish size 112 cell JP (14x8) PS 30,8 cm 53 cm 4,4 cm 3.4 x 3.4 square_unit_stroke / 1.8 x 1.8 square_unit_stroke 112 686 29 cc 1.800
30035 Tray Danish size 40 cell (8x5) PS 30,5 cm 52,5 cm 4,8 cm 6 diameter_unit_stroke / 4.1 diameter_unit_stroke 40 240 110 cc 1.488

Product description cutting trays Danish format

A propagation tray is a series of small cups that together form a tray in which young plants are grown. This is done by first filling the cups with special substrate. This soil has all the ingredients to be the perfect breeding ground for new life, like sowing or cutting soil. Then the new plantlets are sown and the growth process can begin.


Propagations tray with efficient fit

The propagation tray in which the plants are raised affects the quality of these plants. The size, depth and shape are designed to be suitable for many plants. In addition, the Danish format features the perfect fit for the Danish cart, the propagation trays fit exactly four at a time on one layer. The empty propagation trays are easy to stack and reusable or completely recyclable.

The propagation trays are available in different designs. The cups vary in size and depth. The diameter varies from 3.1 to 6 centimetres, so one tray can accommodate more plants than another tray. This ranges from 40 to over 100 pieces. Some propagation trays have a curved edge, versions without stacking lugs are also available. This allows high numbers per pallet of these trays to be packed.

The inside of the propagation trays is also designed to mature a strong plant. In fact, the inside of the cell is designed to prevent the rotation of the roots. Also, the bottom of the propagation tray features a hole, which allows the plant to get rid of excess water, thereby maintaining an optimal moisture balance.



Once the plants are large enough, the time has come to transplant them. Depending on the type of propagation tray, this can be automated, with robots taking the plants out of the propagation tray and putting them in a pot of your choice size that has already been filled with potting soil.

The cutting plate or sowing plate is pushed onto a pushout plate. This pushout plate has raised pins that correspond to the holes in the bottom of the respective tray. The plants are thus pushed loose from the trays, allowing them to be processed by hand or fully robotically.


Buy propagation tray

Buy propagation trays of durable quality? At Desch Plantpak, we are 100% committed to the quality and sustainability of our range, because we not only supply the products, we also design and produce them. This allows us to know exactly where our products come from and to produce them to our own high standards. And sustainability is one of those high standards, we set the bar high. That's why we work with fully recyclable plastic and return all residue to the production process. Nothing is discarded.

Propagations trays are available in Danish format, of which 4 fit on one layer, or in Euro format, of which 3 fit on one layer. Here you can choose a curved edge, which makes the tray more stable.