Strawberry trays

Tray Euro size 54 cell 30151

Product variations

Code Description
30151 Tray Euro size 54 cell PS 35,5 cm 56,5 cm 6 cm 4.65 x 4.65 square_unit_stroke / 3.1 x 3.1 square_unit_stroke 54 269 77 cc 2.160
30154 Tray Euro size 54 cell (9x6) curved rim PS 36 cm 56,5 cm 5 cm 4.5 x 4.5 square_unit_stroke / 3.1 x 3.1 square_unit_stroke 54 265 62 cc 1.104
30156 Stabilo® tray Euro size 60 cell (10x6) PS 36 cm 56 cm 5,1 cm 4.6 x 4.6 square_unit_stroke / 2.8 diameter_unit_stroke 60 298 56 cc 864
30181 Tray Euro size 84 cell 5 cm deep PS 37 cm 55,4 cm 5 cm 4.1 diameter_unit_stroke / 3.5 diameter_unit_stroke 84 410 40 cc 55

Product description Strawberry trays

Strawberry plants are among the favourites of many every year, and that's not surprising: not only does the plant look wonderful, but the fruit is also to die for. However, the plant does make demands on its habitat, and therefore good strawberry trays are important for the well-being of the crop.

A strawberry tray is a seedling tray with a custom fit that takes into account the special cultivation process of the strawberry. For example, the strawberry tray can be recognised by its extra height.

A good drainage system for strawberry plants is important, because strawberries don't like wet feet. Therefore, the bottom of each cell features excellent water drainage. Furthermore, the ribs in the cell provide a strong and white root ball to the strawberry plant. In fact, the ribs make it impossible for the roots to rotate in the soil, in the shape of the cell. This makes the plants extra resilient and better able to withstand rough handling. In addition, the plants are less prone to frost.

Furthermore, good surface utilisation has been taken into account; the trays fit seamlessly next to each other, so that the plants are at exactly the same distance from each other on a tray field and no space is left unused. The strawberry trays are specially designed for automatic processing thanks to the stacking lugs.


Product description Pressure plates for strawberry trays

Our range includes suitable pressure plate for strawberry trays. These are made of aluminum or concrete plywood with plastic pins. Produced from sustainable recycled plastic, these strawberry trays have a long life, making them a friendly choice for the environment. More on Desch and sustainability.